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About Enkindle 

As a community Pottery Studio in Jonestown, Texas, Enkindle believes in artistic expression to foster connection and self-discovery. We are a dedicated teaching studio on a mission to share the countless joys of working with clay. Enkindle warmly welcomes all skill levels to join our studio!


How It Started 

Kim Press launched the studio in 2021, leveraging 20 years of valuable experience and bestowed the craft with the name  as “Sailing Adrift Studios.” This passion project quickly evolved into classes, a place to explore through clay, and lasting friendships. In 2023, Kim saw a vision for the business’s future and in alignment with the studio’s core values, we remain committed to sustaining an inclusive refuge for self-exploration and building community through clay at “Enkindle.”

The Studio

We Feature:

  • Clean & Welcoming Studio Space

  • 8 Electric Wheels

  • Large Wedging Table 

  • Slab Roller

  • Variety of hand-building & trimming tools

  • Glazing area with over 20 studio mixed glazes & underglaze

  • Kiln room equipped with two electric kilns that we fire to Cone 6

  • Ample Shelving for members and students to safely store their work

We Offer: 

  • Classes

  • Memberships

  • Workshops & Private Events

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