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"An avid gardener, flora and fauna serve as the main source of inspiration for my explorations in surface design.  Beneath a layer of vibrant color, my illustrated functional ware also weaves in personal narrative, finding parallels between the natural world and the human experience.  Following a 17-year career as an art educator, I am now working as a full time ceramic artist in my home studio located outside Austin, Texas."

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Sarah Anderson the Sgraffito Tour

She's bringing the show on the road and making a pit stop at our studio!


Be a part of a truly interactive experience crafting alongside skilled artisan Sarah Anderson. 

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Friday, April 19th, 5pm - 9pm

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I create illustrative characters that form narratives on the surface of the porcelain clay body through the use of sgraffito. Sometimes these forms are functional, so it is something that every person can interact with. And sometimes, the forms become large, sculptural narratives with multiple layers for the characters to jump from scene to scene in. The technical surfaces are categorized into two layers: The first is the sgraffito porcelain background, carving away the underglaze to create the story through rhythmic lines and patterns. The creatures are composed with exaggerated gestures and elongated features, elegantly placed in the composition. It is then concluded in the second layer with an indulgence of vibrant colors added to the characters that transform them into the foreground. They come in forms of personified creatures that might be deemed as odd or grotesque, but becomes more digestible with the addition of bright colors. The narrative goal is to create small interactions that freeze in a moment in time, like two sets of eyes meeting. Humor is the driving factor, due mostly from my personal experience of having chronic Lyme disease, and how it shaped my motivation behind each story. I think each of us have suffered our fair share in this life, so my work is inspired to bring joy and humor to each viewer. A laugh, a smile, a positive attitude can truly change the world, and this is my main motivation to create the work that I do. ​


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Sarah Anderson Presented by Enkindle Pottery Studio

Sarah Anderson is a full time ceramic artist that creates illustrative characters on the surface of clay through the use of sgraffito. Bright colors and exaggerated creatures are obvious statements in her work, creating a uniquely identifiable brand for herself. She graduated from Ball State University as a sculpture major, using multiple mediums to create large scale work. She was the ceramic department chair at the Indianapolis Art Center for three years before leaving to pursue her own work full time. Her work has been featured across the nation at multiple galleries and studios, winning awards like the Best Teapot for the Strictly Functional Pottery National at the Lancaster, PA Museum in 2021. Sarah has been featured in many articles and publishers like Ceramics Monthly and Indianapolis Monthly, as well as featured as a demo artist at the Amaco booth during NCECA 2023.


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